Christmas On The Bay Meaford

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Offerings from our local Chefs and Eateries

Holiday themed drinks, dishes and special treats

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Enjoy gourmet food, authentic holiday drinks, and festive sweets.

Sheardown's Wine Bar & Cuisine

Chef Christina Sheardown treats everyone who walks through the door with her seasonal local cuisine. She aspires to delight.

Extended Event Hours

Day Hours
Thursday to Sunday
11:00am -2:30pm, 4:00pm - 10:00pm

Christmas On The Bay Special Menu

In addition to our regular Winter Dinner menu we are offering a special lunch menu, including: The Hybrid Burger, made with Meaford-raised beef, Butter Chicken in Pumpkin Sauce, and the Veggie Burger, featuring Meaford Frauxmagerie mozzarella cheese and chimmi currey. Follow Sheardowns on Facebook for full menu details.