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Georgie Presents...

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our inclusion initiative

Georgie Presents...

Georgie The Mascot
Inclusion in community is about feeling welcome and having a sense of belonging.  Georgie Presents…. is an inclusion initiative by Christmas On The BayTM.

Christmas On The BayTM welcomes everyone, but we realize for some people it is harder to feel that sense of belonging. Georgie Presents… is an opportunity for individuals who may feel marginalized to know they are indeed an important part of this magical experience. Each year Christmas On The BayTM will work alongside our community groups to minimize barriers and enhance inclusion.

Welcoming All

Georgie Presents... 2022

This, our inaugural year, we are fortunate to partner with Events for Life to help us develop our unique targeted program for Thursday afternoon, December 1, 2022. Events for Life’s mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs by providing educational, social, and recreational day programs geared to lifelong learning. Participants are gifted with a diverse array of talents and challenges.

Georgie Presents… will be designed by and for individuals with diverse abilities. Events
for Life participants will be part of the working group and will contribute to the planning and implementation of the day. Also part of that working group will be a coalition of local and regional allied groups, harnessing their collective expertise and enthusiasm to ensure that Georgie Presents… offers something special for everyone involved.

Invitations will be sent to a variety of organizations across our region representing people with disabilities of any age.

Stay tuned for details...