Christmas On The Bay Meaford

Vendor Spotlight

Full Circle Ceramics
Tumblers (dimple cup, sm cup, tall cup); Mugs (Standard, Large, XL, Traveller); Cream & Sugar pot; Butter Dish; Pitchers; Teapots; Casserole Dishes; Bowls (dippy cups, ramekins, dessert bowls, lunch bowls, serving bowls); Little Plates; Platters; Vases; Utensil Holders; Animal dishes; Oil Dispenser; Soap Dishes; Spoon Rests; Tiny Jars.

Full Circle Ceramics

Full Circle Ceramics elevates functional pottery to art through contemporary style and innovative designs by incorporating pleasing contours and an array of hues. Every piece is handmade on a potters’ wheel and then fired in a gas reduction kiln to make each piece incredibly unique.

Pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. *Avoid Uneven heating*