Vendor Spotlight

Dirty Leather Works

A leather worker specializing in 100% handmade leather goods with no machining whatsoever, with a tendency towards catering to the beverage enthusiast.  A true Canadian craftsman.  

Belts, wallets, mason mugs, beer holsters, key chains, guitar straps,  bracelets and more!

Dirty Leather Work

Introducing Dirty Leather, a unique venture driven by the passion and craftsmanship of Josh Friesen, a devoted father hailing from Stayner. Unlike mass-produced leather goods, Dirty Leather is all about the human touch. Josh’s dedication to his craft is evident in every piece he creates, as he eschews machines in favor of handcrafting each accessory in his own distinctive style.

At Dirty Leather, it’s not merely a business—it’s a lifelong passion. For Josh, it’s about more than just creating accessories; it’s about forging a path and pursuing his craft with unwavering determination. With a firm belief that a belt is the ultimate fashion accessory, Josh infuses his work with a seriousness and commitment that shines through in every piece he meticulously crafts. Experience the artistry and dedication of Dirty Leather, where craftsmanship and individuality meet to create timeless accessories tailored just for you.