Vendor Spotlight

Whether you would like to purchase one of my works, or are interested in a commission, it is my dearest wish that the piece you choose becomes a treasure for years to come.

Anne Henvey

I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. I’ve loved to draw and paint my whole life. I owe my love of painting to my father, along with much encouragement, love and support from both my parents. I still use the easel my father built for me many years ago.

I studied art at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario before moving on to a career in floral design. Flowers are therefore a huge influence in my work. I never tire of the incredible artwork of Mother Nature.

I’m inspired by the wonder of nature… sometimes I paint in a realistic style, re-creating  scenery or a favourite pet, other times I’m caught in a wave of whimsy and let my mind and brush go wherever they wish.